5 Characteristics of Quality High School Education

High School Education

For the teachers, administration and staff of a high school, one of the best methods to find a positive, new direction is to emulate the success of a quality high school education both in their region and around the world.

1) Strong Core Values of Education

At the center of all effective high schools are strong core values that place the education of the students first. While this may seem like an obvious trait, it must extend to the administration and staff as well. For every issue that faces administrators, teachers and staff, the first question ask should be, “What is best for our students?”

Having these strong core values lessens infighting and unnecessary conflicts between the teachers and staff of the high school. Plus, even when strong problems arise, they are usually handled more calmly and deliberatively thanks to the focus on education.<

2) Overall Positive Attitude

The positive attitude is shared by teachers, administrators and especially the office staff that sets the tone for the school. The office staff in particular is the first to greet students, parents and guests when they first arrive at the school. If you think of the high school as a home, then the office staff is the front porch that is shown to the world. If they carry a positive attitude, it is infectious to the rest of the staff, administrators and teachers.

3) Good Mix of Teachers with Different Backgrounds and Experience Levels

Every teacher brings with them their own set of values and talents, but generally speaking experienced teachers have the knowledge to manage their classrooms and understand the workings of the school. New teachers have the energy and bring with them innovative ideas that provide new perspectives that can make positive changes. Having a good mix of teachers in high school education provides the best balance of experience and energy that makes the best atmosphere for the children.

4) Empowered Faculty

When the faculty has the full backing of the administration to make decisions, it adds a level of trust that allows for greater innovation and quicker responses to issues and situations that affect their school. While not every new idea or direction is going to be implemented, the fact that the faculty has the power to institute decisions and at least try new ideas adds to the harmony present in the school. This is especially true when the interest of the students is placed first.

5) Parent Involvement

Generally speaking, the more the parents are involved, the better the students perform in class. In quality high school education, parents and teachers form a partnership that brings out the best in both and provides the atmosphere that generates trust. Plus, this opens up better communication and puts parents more at ease when talking about their children in school. For high school education to fully succeed, parents must play an important role.


  1. krista says

    I agree that you need to have variety with teachers, but parent involvement is really key. volunteers at bake sales and extra involvement in extracurriculars make a HUGE difference at my child’s school. I wish other parents would care more. We’re shaping young minds.

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