About High School Mediator

High school is one of the most important stages in a student’s academic career, as grades in high school classes are closely examined by colleges and help to determine whether or not students are accepted for admission. Unfortunately, many problems can arise during high school that negatively impact students’ performance. From bullying to issues relating to self-image to limited availability of courses of interest that offer high school credits, the problems that secondary students face can make it very difficult for them to succeed.

As an education consultant with years of experience in high school education, Dr. Patricia Fioriello is very aware of what challenges today’s students face. She also knows that those who teach high school classes and parents of high schoolers can help students overcome adversity, earn their high school credits and develop skills and self-confidence that leads to success not just in high school classes, but also throughout their entire futures. To give educators and parents the tools and resources needed to support, guide and assistant high schoolers, she created High School Mediator.

Here at High School Mediator, you’ll find timely information on a wide variety of issues relevant to secondary education. Sections devoted to high school credits, college prep and grades provide information on how to boost academic performance and overcome obstacles to learning in all types of classrooms. Because success in school depends on more than just good study habits and classroom participation, the site also offers tips and resources to help educators and parents address issues related to bullying, teen health and teen acceptance. Information about fostering leadership and good communication skills among students is also to be found on our site.

With the practical, expert advice and information provided at High School Mediator, parents and educators can equip themselves to better meet the educational and developmental needs of teenagers. We are fully dedicated to providing tools and resources that lead to student success and are always available to offer individualized advice or assistance as needed. Please contact us if you need support or require additional information about our site or any of the information that we showcase.