Advantages of Personalized Learning for High School Students

Advantages of Personalized Learning for High School Students

What is personalized learning? One can define personalized learning as a blend of internships, courses and experiences that respond to the interest and needs of each student.

For example, in Oakland, California, MetWest High School is one of various schools in the country where standardized curricula has taken a back seat to the personalized introduction. It is challenging to use personalized learning on a huge scale because of the important role every stakeholder plays in the educational enterprise.

There are many advantages of personalized learning which are mentioned below.

Student-Teacher Relationship

If you examine the details of personalized learning, the core of the program falls on the shoulders of the teachers in the class. The teachers must have extensive knowledge and instructive content knowledge to correctly identify the present understandings of every student. They also need to have the content knowledge and capability to link these identifications to concepts and ideas in the domain that each teen is struggling with. They also require instructional design skills and time to make adaptions in the curriculum.

The teachers must have the skills and capability to manage an exemplary classroom so that there is time to work with each student or student group and to work on various activities and problems simultaneously. Teachers are given a collection of materials to meet the particular needs of the learners

Exploration of Meta-Cognitive Skills

Personalized learning requires self-actualized skills of learning for each student. Cognitive science research shows that the best prediction of success in learning is meta-cognitive skills and content knowledge. These skills influence the teens “how to learn” and “ability to learn” and involve identifying the gap of knowledge and ways to monitor the state of understanding.

As far as the domain content knowledge is concerned, it is usually important to determine the applicability, relevance and accuracy of information sources. The skills of personalized learning are specifically critical in providing a wide variety of choices for learning experiences and learning materials.

Student Understanding of Learning Style

Personalized learning helps students understand their own style of learning and to develop learning and teaching strategies that fit the ability of an individual. The school maintains learning profiles that offer detail information of every student’s weaknesses and strengths that teachers use to personalize learning. It also helps the student in building their confidence and communication skills.

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