Examining The Effectiveness Of Cyberbullying Laws

cyberbullying laws

Cyberbullying laws have attempted to adapt to the relatively recent problems that have been caused by new technologies that enable cyberbullying. No longer confined to playgrounds, bullying now rears its ugly head through modern tools of communication like Twitter, Facebook and text messaging. Legislatures have responded by passing laws at the local and state level, […]

Twitter and Teens: How To Address Cyberbullying

Twitter and Teens

Twitter and Teens: a relationship that can be a positive or negative one. Cyber bullying is unfortunately on the rise, with many teens being on the receiving end of harassing tweets. For most teens, Twitter is a fun way to stay connected, meet new people and express themselves. Unfortunately, it is also a way for […]

Sad Reality of Teen Shaming in High School Education

high school education

As teens enter their high school education this final phase of adolescent discovery is filled with a set of peer challenges. Today there’s a heighten level of peer taunts called teen shaming. As an adult looking back, this phase consisted of anxieties as we entered this secluded circle. The ground rules were based on fitting […]

Lack of Laws on Cyber Bullying Hurting Our Students

Lack of Laws on Cyber Bullying Hurting Our Students

Laws on cyber bullying are starting to evolve to address a growing problem in schools but not fast enough. Every day, the great tools and technology that allow a level of communication that is numbered and seen in history are used by bullies to attack their victims. Unfortunately, the number of incidents around the country […]

Basic Bullying and Cyber Bullying Information Worth Knowing

bullying and cyber bullying information for kids

Know the basic bullying and cyber bullying information for kids. Help stop cyber bullying now! #1 Bullying and Cyber Bullying Information – What is bullying? In their process of growing up, teenagers go through all different phases and experience many different behaviors, and one of them has to do with bullying and/or being bullied. Bullying […]