How A Youth Entrepreneur Program Can Help Aspiring Business Owners

Teen Entrepreneur

Believe it or not there are more kids and young adults that are 16 to 29 and are interested in becoming entrepreneurs early in life. They are ready to make a name for themselves and they are passionate that they have a service or product that can be beneficial to consumers. These young entrepreneurs are […]

Getting a Summer Job While You’re Out of School

Getting a Summer Job While You're Out of School

It’s summer again! Which means you successfully completed another year of school. Now that you’ll have more free time, it’s probably a good idea to look for a summer job. You’ll have extra money to go out or save and you’ll be able to occupy your time in a productive way. Here are a few […]

3 Big Advantages of High School After School Activities

Advantages of After School Activities for High School Students

Many parents wonder whether their child should participate in after school activities for high school students. Some parents worry that their students will become overloaded. Some students are clearly involved in too many things and that cuts down their study time. If the student is involved in the right amount of after school activities for […]

When Teens Mentor Younger Kids

When Teens Mentor Younger Kids

Mentoring is instilling the right values and proper care towards the ones you have taken responsibility for. Sometimes, younger kids go astray and pick up bad habits and practices. One good thing in the lives of these kids is that they look up to the teens who are their seniors in school. If teens mentor […]

Educating Teens on Personal Finance

Educating Teens on Personal Finance

Personal finance is important and if teens are taught to handle their personal finances properly, they will develop a sense of responsibility towards money matters right from childhood. Of course, parents are more aware of the importance of the proper handling of personal finances and how it can affect life. Hence, teens should be taught […]

The Power of Online Leadership Learning

Recognizing the Power of Online Leadership Learning

Schools meant for online leadership learning offer effective courses and study programs that give students complete freedom of choosing their time and location for attending classes. Education programs in online leadership courses prepare students aspiring to reach high posts in management and administration. Students in online leadership learning courses are exposed to leadership theories and […]