Figuring Out How Teens Communicate

Understanding How Teens Communicate

Figuring out how teens communicate has always been a challenge for parents. It is almost as if they speak an entirely different language! There are a few tried-and-true tips that can make the process a little easier. Spend Time with Your Teen To begin with, parents and teens can only communicate if they are together. […]

Tired of Not Being Able to Communicate with Your Teen?

6 EasyTips that Improve Teen Communication

6 easy tips on how to communicate with teenagers. How to communicate with teenagers can become a daunting task unless you start learning the right language. You must prevent yourself from taking good communication for granted and give thought to the right and effective use of your communication with teenagers. You have to take into […]

Ways to Empower Teens to Resolve Conflict

8 Guides

Youth conflict resolution works! Youth conflict resolution is about teaching young people new ways to resolve disputes without resorting to violence, verbal or physical. Too many young people today are caught up in situations of teen conflict that they cannot manage – jealousy, teasing and bullying and outright aggression. Conflict resolution education is an important […]

How to Become a Better Blogger

How to Become a Better Blogger

How do you become a better blogger? What is blogging? Blogging usually means a writer pulls information from other sources and comments on it in a written piece. Blogging is more opinion-filled than straight reporting. Many media outlets and businesses are creating online blogs and with that, online blogging jobs. Here is how you can […]

Helping Parents Understand Adolescent Teenagers

Understanding the Adolescent Teenager

Perhaps the only challenge greater than teenage itself is the correct parenting strategies of the adolescent teenagers. All through the rearing and caring phases of a child from birth till the time he is capable of taking responsibility for himself, parents face the maximum worries during the teen years.  Dad and Mom’s favorite child suddenly […]