How to Get a Great SAT Score

Study with the best online SAT prep class!

Giant SAT prep books used to be a staple among high school students from the moment they received their PSAT scores until the day they got accepted to the college of their dreams. Those books are now being replaced by online SAT prep programs that encourage students by providing interactive lessons and assessments, including practical test-taking advice and tools.

It is estimated that upwards of 80% of all high school students use the Internet on a daily basis; they are a technology generation, so it makes sense that they would find resources for SAT preps as well.

So the question becomes which programs are the best?

The following analysis will break down some of the best online SAT prep classes available in order for you to find the one that is right for you.

Princeton Review

The Princeton Review has been known for years as a reputable SAT review course. Students spend their $800 with the hopes that it will raise their scores, and usually it does. They have now started online classes that use the same strategies as their classroom program did. The Online SAT prep has several options including private tutoring, a live online classroom, and a self-directed classroom version. This program is legitimately one of the best online SAT prep courses, but it can often be too expensive for most families.

Get a Great SAT Score – Study Online with Princeton Review.

KAP Test

Kaplan has been a leader in test prep and admissions for a number of years. Again, this program is costly, but is a best online SAT prep for good reason. For around $500.00 you can get a personalized test prep that combines “proven methods and strategies with innovative technology called Smart Track.” This program monitors your responses and assigns questions and tutoring based on the needs of an individual. If you cannot afford the full version, the content materials, test-taking strategies, and practices are available on their website for $99.00.

Get a Great SAT Score – Study Online with Kap Test

College Board

The College Board has been responsible for the administration of the SAT test for a number of years, so any program that is designed by them will be legitimately helpful in preparing students for the big day. There are several free resources on this site including, SAT daily questions, sample practice questions, and one free test. If you find this helpful there are further options. For $69.95, a student can purchase The Official SAT Online Course that gives 10 online tests, 18 interactive lessons, and personalized essay scoring. This test prep is affordable and reputable.

Get a Great SAT Score – Study Online with College Board.


This website is on the cutting edge of the best online SAT prep programs. Grockit has online courses for SAT prep taught in HD. The classes can be free, and when you join this online community, you have access to other students for group study and the option of upgrading to other more personalized elements. For $99.00, the Premium version can be purchased which includes adaptive solo practice that provides over 100 hours of practice questions, unlimited access to Grockit Group Study, critical reading, math, and writing diagnostic assessments, detailed performance reports, a personalized study plan, and explanations for every question. There are two higher programs on this website for extended help. This website is for the social networking teenagers who want to be successful students.

Get a Great SAT Score – Study Online with Grockit

These are just a few of the websites where you can find the best online SAT prep available. As is normal with many things, you will pay for the quality. If you want to research free online SAT programs make sure that you are informed about terms and conditions before you make any commitments to taking a practice test for free. Often free websites cost you something in the end.

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