How to Get Good Grades in High School

The number one quest for students is to get good grades in high school. Some students seem to get good grades so naturally whereas others struggle terribly just to get C’s. This is not due to intelligence entirely, rather how to receive good grades involves various factors.

The following are some factors that will help you get good grades in high school:

Take good care of your body

First of all, it is important to be sure that your body and brain are receiving the proper amount of necessary nutrition. Take a multivitamin everyday. This is an easy thing to do that does not cost a lot of money but it can really give you the calmness and the mental focus to study and concentrate. Next, be certain that you are getting enough sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep you cannot fully do your best academically. Finally, try to maintain a state of relaxation. Do not become too stressed out about things. Just relax and focus on your work. It is the most important thing right now.

General rules to follow

You must attend class. In order to get good grades in high school you must come to every class. Do not miss classes or you are only making it so much harder for yourself to succeed. Next, be sure that you can see the front of the classroom and the board. Sometimes, people do not realize that they need glasses. Be sure that you can see everything in sharp focus. If you can’t, then get an eye exam to see if you may need corrective eyewear. Also, consider changing where you sit if people around you are too loud, you can’t see or you are distracted in class for any reason.

Specific studying tips

To get good grades in high school, you must study.

  • Pre-select the location where you are going to study and make sure that it is a quiet, distraction-free environment.
  • Study at the very same time every day in order to make studying a habit. Also, schedule your breaks in. Some people need more breaks than others. Schedule as many breaks as you find necessary for yourself.
  • Also, make sure you know the basics before moving on to a harder skill. This is particularly true in mathematics. Be sure you have the foundation down before you try to build the house.
  • Another studying strategy is to use index cards and repeat all the information aloud to yourself. Do not worry if you seem to be talking to yourself. You need to memorize your information and using index cards and repeating aloud to yourself is the best way.

These are some tips to get good grades in high school. Use them and watch your GPA go straight up!


  1. lennie says

    Great tips, this blog is timing. I am in my senior and want to graduate on time. Hoping to get excellent grades, so I can qualify for scholarship in college. It is my major step for progress.

  2. maede says

    hello im a frist year student high school i just dont know what happend to me when i was in middle school i always was a top student but now im just so lazy and take bad grads my exam are start here and i dont know what i have to do im just so afraid and its just i have no reason for study and dont belive my self anymore but i wanna have good grads again i dont what i have to do

  3. Jake says

    I am a sophmore, I am doing very well in every class execpt Biology & Geometry which I cant seem to get right. I have now bombed 2 test in each classes and I need some ideas on study help. If you could email me back on what you think it would be very well appreciated.
    Thanks, Jake.

  4. maria franco says

    iam stressed out about school and i need to just be stress free to do a good job wat shud i do ?

  5. Nicholas tang says

    Im stressing out about high school when im only a Freshmen in Highschool I’m taking all honors and I feel stressed out everyday what should I do. It’s already to late for me to switch to cp.

  6. Aimee says

    I am a sophomore and i find it hard to stay focused on my school work. I always tell myself to wake up early to do some extra reading/ catching up for school but I never do. I am starting to create bad habits and am getting really lazy too. I need help! I was a straight A student in middle school and then once i got to high school, everything just seemed to drop. I need motivation, good study tips, advice, anything! I am freaking out over everything. I would really appreciate it if you could find the time to email me. This would really mean a lot…
    Thank You,

  7. Ricardo says

    I am an 8th grader. I have been getting good grades not straight As though. I would love to get straight As. I have very big dreams of getting into NYU or Yale University. I know that getting really good grades does matter. So I am going to follow these tips as well as many others. But sometimes I have a really hard time believing that I can do anything.

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