How to Keep Teens Organized

Personal electronic organizers are not luxury items anymore. They are more like a daily necessity, because they are very easy to use and comfortable to store all the information about our daily events.

Among the best electronic organizer is the Sharp YOP20HII 1MB. One of its advantages is its affordable price. Even a teen can afford to get one for his or her school events and assignment planning. This is one of the best electronic organizers there is, because it has many useful functions in it. This organizer has a PC-link cable, which comes along in a pack with it. Through this cable you can easily connect your best electronic organizer to your PC. And, you also get software for data backup/restore.

Sharp YOP20HII 1MB Electronic Organizer has an upgraded English/Spanish word translator that allows approximately 20,000 words. It is equipped with a large display. It is Microsoft® Outlook® compatible. Besides it has a diet function with pedometer built in it.

This best electronic organizer is not large in size. It weights only 3,7 oz and is 2 x 4 x 1 inches wide. It has 1 gm of memory in it. The Sharp YOP20HII 1MB has the following functions: telephone/address, schedule and memo modes. Again, you can easily connect it to your Windows PC and synchronize all the data in it. It also has several games available, along with such functions as calculator, spell checker and currency/unit conversion.

With this best electronic organizer you can easily keep track of all your events, write down all your contacts and plan your study or work day or week. With Sharp YOP20HII 1MB Electronic Organizer planning becomes easy, fun and affordable. There is no more need to carry around heaps of paper or to be looking for a lost pen, when you have write something down urgently.


  1. Judith Krischer says

    Hey Patricia,
    Any personal experience with this one regarding ease of use? I’m looking for something for my 9th grader who still doesn’t see the need to plan, but is very tech savvy and attracted to gadgets. Of course, I don’t want it to be about the gadget. What can you tell me?

  2. says

    Hello Judith – Some may ask why get your teen an electronic organizer when you can buy a high end PDA, iPod or iPad? Two main reasons – the cost and the focus on an organizational tool. We’ve decided to include electronic organizers in our reviews for these reasons. Teens need help with their organizational skills and some parents do not want to spend lots of money or have their kids identify with an iPad or similar device. I found parents like electronic organizers because they are not too worried if it gets lost/broken, there is not the association with other popular devices on the market and it represents a more school related tool to help with organization. Also it is especially helpful as a first introduction to PDAs. The Sharp is a good introductory model, inexpensive, reputable and easy to use. With that being said, it is an inexpensive model and it is basic. Regarding how easy it is to use, most reviews now assume that kids can tackle any type of electronic device and our feedback is that it is fairly easy to use. We will try to gather more information from the parents who have purchased this particular model.

  3. Duncan Fisher says


    I’ve used this device for a short period myself. I personally wouldn’t recommend that exact model though. For starters, inputting information is tedious and time consuming. I’d recommend a more classic form of personal organizer. (See:

    They have basically the same functions, just a different way of inputting names since it uses a keyboard. These are also a little more durable in my experience. They also don’t cost much, maybe around 19.95 if bought at Wal-Mart. You can also find similar styled organizers at Royal: (A nice one costs 14.95 there.)

    Hope this helps, and if you need any further guidance, I own and operate a PDA forum http://MyPalmtop.Info!

  4. says

    Hi Duncan,
    Thanks for sharing more information on the topic. The use of personal organizers is a wide discussion with many opinions and preferences. It is always beneficial to hear about other products and the advantages. Your link to a more classic form of personal organizer does not work. Please update if you want readers to have access.

  5. Roberto Carlos says

    I beg to differ. I think this product is great. I have used for myself even though my handphone can act as an organizer. But not as powerful as this product though! I bought 2 for my kids because I want them to keep their work organized and not miss any important deadline. No complaints from my kids, they love it!

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