Know the Signs of Cyber Bullying and Prevent a Problem

Cyber bullying is becoming a problem among high school kids these days.

Cyber bullying means to send or post destructive or denote text or images by using the Internet or Personal Digital Assistants or cell phones. 

At this age, kids experiment with all sorts of activities, many of which should not be made public.

Cyber bullying is a new way to intimidate and harass others.

One-third of high school kids have reported that on the Internet they are the  target of  “menacing” online activities, such as threatening messages, awkward photos mailed without their consent, private e-mails or instant and text messages forwarded without permission, or rumors spread about them online.  And the girls are the main target than boys.

Know the Signs of Cyber Bullying and Prevent a Problem

Cyber bullying is done by high school kids in many ways.

•    To create websites that have stories, jokes and pictures making fun of others.

•    To use e-mails of other and send denote mails to others.

•    To send unkind, nasty and aggressive mails.

•    To use immediate message tools to annoy others.

•    To post pictures of different students with indecent questions or phrases attached to it.

Cyber bullying has become a problem for schools, parents and students.

High school kids who are more into social networking sites experience more cyber bullying, so its better for those students not to respond on those sites. In case they are participating, they should protect their privacy and only interact with known friends, not disclose identifiable information and not join groups.

Most of the high school students use networking sites like Facebook and Myspace.  The ones who use the Internet daily are more prone to be the victim of cyber bullying.  And for these kids, the best advice is that you should not say anything in electronic communications that they don’t want the world to see.

67% of high school kids believe that the bullying occur more offline whereas the rest, 29 % says that it happens more online.  So you should be very careful in warding off harassing conduct in the physical world also.  Trends show that bullying begins to peak during the high school years.

Online safety is moving to figure how to protect kids from themselves and each other as much as from criminals online, if not more so.

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    It is sad to see cyber-bullying becoming such a problem. It is terrible that it is becoming so widespread and it is so hard to track. I work for a company, SchoolTipline, that works to rid schools of bullying. The company allows students to use texting and the internet to prevent bullying instead of to make the problem worse. Using texts and the internet students can anonymously report cases of bullying to school administrators. We hope that schools can be freed from bullies.

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    Yes, we agree. Bullying and cyber-bullying is a problem. Many people are not aware of cyber-bullying. Students, parents and the school must know the signs of bullying and step in to prevent harassment. You mention the use of cell phones to inform incidents. I think it is a good idea but many schools do not allow cell phones on campus. There are many challenges we must address. Visit to read about issues in the high school. We welcome input and feedback so that high school can be a positive experience for everyone, especially students. Look forward to exchanging ideas!

    Dr. Patricia Fioriello

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