Make It a Priority to Prepare for College in High School

Teens and parents can begin preparing for college in high school.

Kids have many options to consider after graduation and it is beneficial to get an early start on this process. Families can seek assistance with this process from high school personnel and online.

• Students should think about what type of career they want to pursue while preparing for college in high school. Ask family, teachers, and counselors for suggestions. Skill assessments are available online that can help you determine possible areas of interest. If you are interested in a specific career, seek out someone in that field. Perhaps someone your parent knows can offer you advice about their particular line of work.

• Be sure to take classes in high school that support your ultimate career goals. Don’t worry if you change your mind along the way; many people have done so. A number of professionals end up in completely different careers from where they started.

• If you are looking at a profession such as medicine, law, or education, you can start preparing for college in high school by choosing academic classes that support those disciplines. If you are leaning toward a more technical career, such as web design or computerized drafting, most high schools now offer classes along these lines.

• Try to develop good study habits in high school. Know if you are an auditory or visual learner. You will need to apply your style of learning to your university coursework. Good grades are also important in high school, no matter what type of secondary school you plan to attend.

• Once you have identified a certain direction for your career, you can decide which colleges you want to send applications. You can check out community colleges, universities, and technical colleges. Each student has different needs and you may find your needs are better met at a certain type of school. Try not to choose a school just based on where a friend is attending.

• Parents will want to look at costs of different schools. The financial aid application process can begin while the student is in high school. Your child may be eligible for scholarships to certain schools, and that can play a role in the decision-making process.

• Teens can explore various colleges on the web now, in addition to on-campus visits.

Do your research and start preparing for college in high school. You’ll be glad you are prepared when graduation day rolls around!

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