Challenges And Positives Of High School In America

High School In America

It’s not uncommon for people to disparage the current state of American high schools. In fact, the American education system kind of gets a bad rap all across the country. Not surprising when you consider that many other developed countries mop the floor with American high school students when it comes to math and science […]

Things to Remember When Parenting a Teenager

Parenting a Teenager

Having children is one of the most beautiful and challenging events in life. When they are small, you must teach them and guide them in learning how to navigate themselves and the world around them. When they become teenagers, they still need your help but, they also want independence. This can create quite the challenge […]

Key Component to Promoting Diversity in Schools

Key Component to Promoting Diversity in Schools

Promoting diversity in schools brings a lot to the classroom – a bigger wealth of cultural knowledge, experiences, and perspectives – but it also brings with it some challenges for teachers and staff. First, let’s define diversity: it is not only diversity of ethnicities, though this is certainly a large component. Diversity can also refer […]

Finding the Missing Piece in Education

The Missing Puzzle Piece in Education

Parent participation in school is often what’s missing in education. The onus for quality education often falls on the teacher, but there are many factors that affect school performance. Seventy percent of a student’s time is spent outside of school, and while not all of that is spent with parents, they are a crucial component […]

5 Practical Ways to Increase Parent Involvement in High School

5 Practical Ways to Involve Parents in the High School

Discover how to get parents involved in school. Educators are searching for the answer. There is no cookie-cutter answer to this question because each situation is different. If a student is suffering or behind in school it is vitally important that a parent get involved in the situation before it gets out of control. Even […]