School Extracurricular Activities Improve Student Performance

School Extracurricular Activities Improve Student Performance

Every high school offers various types of extracurricular activities like clubs, sports, academic and music.  High school is a time of peer pressure.  Students just want to get involved in more activities rather than going simply to the class.

Students who participate in activities in school have more of a probability of getting good grades, studying attentively and staying out of negative situations.   Students should participate an extracurricular activities for at least one other reason: to have fun!

When participating in activities, students get the chance of learning things like:

•    Group and individual responsibilities.

•    To be eligible to participate students usually need to keep a minimum grade point average. Therefore, participating in extracurricular activity means keeping up with academics.

•    Chance to apply academic skills in actual world context.

•    Physical stamina and patience.

•     Having intrinsically well determined will, good self esteem and relationship abilities.

•    Compete with others.

•     Students learn to balance their quest of study, leisure and interest.

•    Values of teamwork, how to work as a team to achieve a common goal such as winning a baseball game.

•    Sense of community, culture and diversity.

•    Provides a channel to strengthen the lessons taught in the classroom.

•     Self-motivation is also a factor. To achieve success in a particular activity creates interest and develops good time-management habits.

These activities boost a student’s sense of attachment to their school and decreases the possibility of school failure.

The participation of a student in extracurricular activities indicates academic attainment, steady attendance and an ambition to continue education beyond high school. It also helps the student develop lifelong good working habits and learn important character traits like efficiency, self-importance and organization.

Extracurricular activities also help students get into college. There is a chance to make friendships which gives the opportunity to develop social skills.  It can be a source of networking.

Students should not try to improve their qualifications with activities which do not match their happiness or skills.  Extracurricular activities can help students handle the present and prepare for the future.  Students try to reach their full potential. The key to a teen’s achievement in his or her life has everything to do with a balanced school experience.

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