The Main Types of Teen Eating Disorders

Teen Eating Disorders

There are several teen eating disorders which can cause changes in teen eating habits and lead to major health problems in the future. These habits can lead to even life threatening health problems if not treated in the initial stages. These are many of these eating disorders which are said to cause untold problems in […]

How to Make Sure Teens Eat Healthy Foods

Healthy Foods and Proper Nutrition for Teens

To ensure proper nutrition for teens, school meals usually served lunch and some schools also serve breakfast before classes begin in the mornings. The purpose is to guarantee proper nutrition for teens, so that they may learn more efficiently. Some schools have theme days when food is served in certain ways. For instance, some schools […]

Helping Teens Develop Healthy Eating Ways

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It is difficult to provide healthy eating suggestions for teens who are likely to spend almost 8 hours per day in their school setting. During this time, they often eat one meal or snack. Teen nutrition is known to be a genuine challenge because fast food seems to govern everything. For instance, if a child […]

How to Combat Teen Obesity

How to Combat Teen Obesity

Obesity is a like an epidemic and it has spread across the world. Obesity in teens is a common thing to see and hear about. Most of the teens lead an undisciplined and rather reckless life. It is their lifestyle that makes them obese and exposes them to further ailments. Reasons for Obesity Teens are […]

How to Turn Teen Bad Food Habits to Healthy Eating

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Teenage bad habits count among the most rampant higher education problems in America. New Year is knocking at the door and it’s the time to make new resolutions to kick your bad habits. Teenage bad habits that count most among the higher education problems in America have a really wide range. Different Teenage Eating Habits […]