How To Adjust To Life With A Troubled Teen

troubled teen

Teenage years can be very challenging for the entire family. When there is a troubled teen in your family however, life can really become problematic. The key to survival and helping the troubled individual can have a lot to do with how everyone adapts. Life will change, therefore people must change as well. Give Your […]

The Real Truth About Troubled Teenagers

Troubled Teenagers

Troubled teenagers struggle with life. Raising teens under normal circumstances is always a challenge for parents, but raising troubled teenagers is even more of a challenge. That sweet, irresistible child who could not stand to be apart from his or her parents a short time ago, is now avoiding parents at all costs since he […]

Addressing Gender Issues in School

Addressing Gender Issues in School

Statistics shows that there are daily cases of gender issues in school. Girls are usually asked simpler questions and are given lesser encouragement and positive feedback than boys are given. Gender issues in schools are gradually declining but they’re still a major problem in modern American education. Even though there are laws created over thirty […]

Developing Healthy Teen Relationships

Healthy Teen Relationships

Healthy teen relationships are a challenge to achieve but not an impossible feat! Is Your Teen An Outsider in School? Teenagers usually go through crazy times when they are unsure of who they really are and have difficulty developing healthy teen relationships. When they grow up, it is more likely that they will have a […]

Breaking Down Gender Bias in the Classroom

An Honest Look at Gender Bias in the Classroom

Here are a few examples of gender bias in the classroom. Do you agree? Students are keen on developing their own ideas about the meaning of gender. For instance, examples exist in the clothes they choose to wear and by the way they interact and talk. Even classroom work may underline their ideas about what […]