What Makes a High School Student Leader?

What Makes a High School Student Leader?

When I was a high school principal it was difficult to get students involved in the school and community. Many were indifferent. But then I found students who definitely had the potential to become a high school leader. They had the following skills that one can adapt to become a good high school student leader, then I thought of starting a leadership program in my school that involved the skills for potential high school leaders and they are as follows:

1.  To train the students in areas like leadership, communication, conflict management, time management, decision making and leadership styles.

2.  To empower students by enabling them to become self-confident, develop their positive attributes and become independent thinkers.

3.  To teach the students that they have are capable of achieving and are responsible for their own lives.

4.  To develop the volunteer ethic among students involving service as ambassadors for youth development and appreciating the requirement for vision in setting goals professionally as well as personally.

5.  Permitting the students to contribute in the community and pass on their values and skills to other students via volunteerism.

6.  Developing a healthy relationships and self concept between each and every student.

7. Understanding the emotional skills and intelligence measured involving self-control, self-awareness, social skills and self-motivation.

8.  Providing them with the knowledge to make financial and personal decisions and to develop an understanding of principle-based decision-making.

9.  Understanding the personal image and building skills in communication and public speaking.

10. Resisting and recognizing peer pressure and learning to become better citizens and family members.

To become a leader these skills matter. The followers of tomorrow will demand trust, integrity, self-confidence, loyalty and honesty from their leaders. People will also hold the leaders accountable for such values.

The capability to recover and learn has been the main difference between average and successful performers. Leaders require taking risks. They might fail but admit their mistakes and then learn and move on. Hence, start doing it from now and become a good leader indeed.

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