Ways to Help Teens Succeed in High School

The best way to gain basic knowledge when it comes to various academic subjects is through a high school education. Understanding the importance of high school education help teenagers lay the foundation for a fulfilling and successful career. This is why it's crucial that they don't drop out of … [Click to Continue...]

What is GPA Anyway?

What is GPA Anyway?

How to calculate your high school GPA If you are wondering what Grade Point Average (GPA) is and what all the fuss over it is about, then read on. Specifically the following three topics will be covered: what GPA is, why it matters and how to get a good GPA. When the article is concluded, you … [Click to Continue...]

Preventing the Pain of Teen Violence

What are the causes of violence in school? Teenagers whose parents subject them to punishment at home are much more likely to have attacked somebody at school, than teens whose parents are not using violence against them. Statistics show that violent acts are also more likely to occur in schools … [Click to Continue...]

College Admission Application

Tips To Complete Your College Admission Application

Tips to complete your college admission application will help to make the most of your college entrance campaign. First of all, you need to decide how many applications you want to send out. Determine, which colleges you want to attempt to enter. Find out what kinds of applications they allow. … [Click to Continue...]

10 Poor Excuses for Failing Grades

Often teenagers ignore the early signs of failing and before they know it they are in danger of failing a class. Don't let failing grades creep up on you. As a person with many years working with high school students, I would see it happen over and over again. I always warned students to watch … [Click to Continue...]